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  1. Susan

    This is one of our favorites and we purchase this item frequently. Normally, the brownies are superb, however, we have noticed significant inconsistency in the past 6 weeks. For example, in the past month, we purchased one on 10/9, one on 10/20, and one on 10/30. The one on 10/9 was perfect – great taste, texture, and medicinal consistency. However, both the one purchased on 10/20 and 10/30 were not good at all, especially the one purchased on 10/30. The one from 10/20 was super heavy and overly moist, very strange texture and consistency – almost soggy-like, but still somewhat edible; the one purchased on 10/30 was very bad – extremely dry, just fell apart when you try to pick it up or bite it, very weird taste, and texture was off, medicinal consistency was poor on this one. My recommendation – these brownies are extremely good most of the time – just make sure you check the dates going forward. I wish we would have paid attention to the packages more over the past 6 weeks. We did still have the package from the one we purchased on 10/30 – it had a date of 10/4/17 which could very well explain the horrible dryness, and taste. We will give them another try but if still not up to par, that will be our last. Price is too high to not have them be super yummy each time.

    1. Branden Orr Post author

      Hi Susan!
      Next time you’re in give our new Top Shelf Brownies a try. We make them in house and they come in a pack of 4 bite size morsels. We really think you will like them. 🙂


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